Smart Charging

Solutions to charge millions of cars smart and sustainable

ElaadNL is one of the pioneers in research into smart charging or Smart Charging. We have been researching this for years with partners such as network operators, governments, knowledge institutions and companies. The research varies from small-scale innovative pilots to large-scale trials. In this way we learn together what works best.

In our view, good research into smart charging is now crucial for smart and sustainable charging of millions of electric vehicles in the future. Fortunately, more and more parties support this vision and, for example, the cooperation program National Agenda Charging Infrastructure (NAL) is working hard to make smart charging the norm. There is even a Smart Charging working group, chaired by ElaadNL. The Netherlands is one of the frontrunners in smart charging.

What is smart charging?

Smart charging  is controlling the time and speed of charging electric vehicles using technology. With this you can simply plug in the car after you park it, but adjust the charging to, for example, the availability of sustainable electricity, lower prices and optimal use of the electricity network in the district. For example, your car will charge faster if there is a lot of power available from the solar panels on your roof, or wait a while before starting until the peak on the power grid has passed and prices are lower. We explain it in the animation below.

Smart charging programs and projects

In order to be able to apply smart charging on a large scale, research is needed into various aspects of smart charging: technology, (ICT) communication, user experience, policy and legislation. In addition, innovation and development of smart charging is crucial. We look at all forms of charging: charging at public charging stations, but also at home at private charging points and at work. The development of bi-directional charging (or Vehicle to Grid) naturally also has our attention. Although the technology is still in its infancy, we are already investigating the possibilities in the near future with other parties.

Related projects

Requirements for smart charging at public charging stations

If municipalities, provinces or others issue a concession for new public charging stations, it is important that these stations are suitable for the application of Smart Charging. To this end, we have listed a number of requirements together with the Smart Charging working group of the NAL. If requested, we also support these local authorities on how to properly include requirements in the field of smart charging in tenders for concessions.