Data analytics & Outlooks

Research as a basis for good advice

ElaadNL supports the use of data analytics to enable a smooth transition to green mobility. ElaadNL data to achieve, use and support its primary analysis. Data analysis provides insight into current and future developments at the intersection of energy and electric mobility systems.

Our approach is to conduct research together with network operators and research institutes. The data analyzes focus on the charging behavior of electric vehicles, the charging infrastructure and the impact on the Dutch energy system. The activities are grouped into two categories: Projects and Scientific Research.

Projects with data analytics

There are many projects within ElaadNL where data analytics plays a crucial role. Data is measured, collected, stored, analyzed and visualized to provide the insight and tooling that grid operators need to create a future-proof electricity grid and make Smart Charging the new standard.

In addition, we periodically provide an ElaadNL Outlook in which we summarize the most important developments in the world of electric driving and (Smart) charging. An overview of all historical trend monitors can be found below.

Scientific research

In addition to project support, our data analysts are involved in scientific research. Our research has been published in scientific journals and presented at various conferences around the world. Below you will find a list of scientific publications in scientific journals and conference journals. More information about the publications and how they contribute to our mission can be found here.

Academic Partnerships

To properly conduct our research, we collaborate with leading institutes around the world. We do this in various research projects, but also as a member of the EV Policy Council.