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ElaadNL is the knowledge and innovation centre in the field of smart charging infrastructure in the Netherlands. Through their mutual involvement via ElaadNL, the grid operators prepare for a future with electric mobility and sustainable charging. It is our mission to make sure that everyone can charge smart. We monitor the EV-charging infrastructure and coordinate the connections between public charging stations and the electricity grid.

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The emergence of electric driving and sustainable charging is a significant development for the electricity grid. ElaadNL acquires an overview of the measures to be taken to ensure that the network remains reliable and affordable. Innovative solutions are investigated that will generate great benefits for society. For example, optimal use can be made of the existing network through smart charging, and fewer expensive alterations to the electricity grid are needed. ElaadNL also envisages free choice of supplier for the user. In addition, innovations are also put to use in other ways, for example in making the public charging stations more compact, more functional and cheaper and in a more efficient connection and management process.


ElaadNL is a partnership consisting of the united grid operators who manage the Dutch grid of electricity and gas. By working together with ElaadNL, the grid operators combine knowledge and funds to research the possibilities for smart charging of electric cars.