Ongoing project


All charging stations in the Netherlands connected as one large smart network. Linking these to renewable energy sources such as solar and wind, to charge smart at the most sustainable moment. Being able to drive energy neutral and use 100% of renewable energy. An ideal situation. To enable this, all different elements need to ‘communicate’ with each other and need to be connected via ICT-systems and back offices. It is important that these systems, the charging infrastructure and the network are well secured. This is what the project Cybersecurity is about.


In this project we think about how the complete system should be protected and which (basic) set of requirements is needed. Smart charging infrastructure is becoming more extensive and therefore now is the time to take next steps and make the charging infrastructure even safer than it already is. This includes improving the level of cybersecurity in the communication protocols, such as OCPP and OCPI, but also the safety of charging via cards and the authorization of EV-drivers – proof that you are who you say you are. It also includes the safety of the measurement data on which Smart Charging is based; it is important that people do not simply have access to this information.


Digital safety is an important issue that cannot be ignored since the end of the twentieth century by digitalisation of society. You want to prevent people with false intentions from entering the network and trying to keep cars from charging so that they will come to a halt. How do you make sure that you have a safe system, which is interoperable and accessible at the same time? Which agreements do we have to make to achieve that?


Together with the Dutch grid operators Enexis, Liander and Stedin, ElaadNL and the European Network for Cybersecurity (ENCS) have taken the first steps and developed a (basic) set of cybersecurity requirements for charging stations. The set has been developed after extensive research.


This project has been finalized. The set can now be included in tenders and concessions and can be downloaded below. Nice detail: the set has already been included in a tender for 1,240 charging stations by the province of Noord-Brabant.


Participants of this project are ElaadNL, European Network for Cybersecurity (ENCS), Enexis, Liander and Stedin.