September 1st 2022

March 28 – 30: Global EV Charging Test – V2X edition!

The Global EV Charging Test events delivers a unique opportunity for your company to participate in tests on-site and evaluate communication between EVs and EVSEs. Test with the latest test systems on the market and test systems available or coming to the market in the very near future. Part of the Plugfest will be the opportunity to test OCPP implementations with other developers all over the world.

Participants can also take a deep dive in networking and exchange ideas and innovations with leading experts on OCPP and V2X. You can also take part in interesting seminars and live demonstrations during the event.

Of course you are able to take a tour of the testing lot offering an opportunity to see:

  • Electric vehicles of all kinds, from cars and vans to trucks and motorcycles
  • AC chargers
  • DC chargers
  • Communication controllers
  • OCPP Testing tools

The Global EV Charging Test – V2X edition 2023 will be held at the ElaadNL Testlab in Arnhem. Early registration is open, please submit your information in the form below.

The V2X edition

ElaadNL is constructing a comprehensive handbook on V2X requirements. With the symposium we will use this to guide our way through the future of charging electric vehicles as an integrated part of the energy system.

The days will feature presentations, lectures and workshops related to important themes for implementing V2X:

Projects – What are the Dutch doing?

In the Netherlands several V2X projects are being implemented and the results are very exciting. We will share our observations regarding the SCALE project, We Drive Solar, V2G ready cars and several other projects en tests we have conducted.

Technology – Making our hardware happy

What technology do we need and how do we implement it? How can we create a smart ecosystem for our electric vehicles that can send and receive data and energy?

Communication – Let Tech do the Talking

V2X requires smart appliances that can talk to each other, speaking the same language. What routes should the most optimal form of communication take and what do we need from protocols?

Organisation – Who charges who?

A lot of actors are involved in V2X: EV-drivers, CSO, DSO, Back office, aggregators, OEM, municipalities etc. All these stakeholders can have different interests and targets. We need to set up a system in which smart combinations, rules and checks make sure that everyone can play their part.

Legislation – Smart rules for bi-directional charging

In this session we will take a look at the current contracts, laws and regulations and what choices need to be made to implement V2X for mass deployment. Where do market and municipals meet? Who needs flexibility and who can deliver it?

The order of the various sessions may change. Please share your ideas and thought. A timetable will become available soon.

Early registration

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