September 10th 2023

E-ready for take-off! - Electric Flying & Charging Symposium 2023

Fasten your seatbelts because electric flying is taking off!

During this Symposium ElaadNL, the Open Charge Alliance, NRG2fly and Electric Flying Connection (EFC) join forces with leading experts in the field of charging electric aircrafts. What to expect and what to prepare? How can we make sure that every plane can charge at any airport around the world? What infrastructure is needed for high power charging and what are the possibillities for Smart Charging planes?

What you can expect:

– Presentations and demonstration by key players in the field of aviation, charging and interoperabillity
– A chance to meet, greet and exchange ideas with enthusiastic pioneers
– Front row seats to the electric revolution in Aviation


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13.00 – 13:30 Reception with coffee/tea  

13:30 – 13.35 Welcome by Baerte de Brey

13:35 – 14:35 Trends in electric aviation

Keynote by Maarten Steinbuch (TUE/Electric Flying Connection), presentation by Jolanda Stevens (KLM). Further discussions with Jan Willem Heinen (Maeve), Lonneke Driessen (Open Charge Alliance) and concluding with a panel discussion featuring questions from the audience.

14:50-15:15 break

15:15-16:30 Opportunities for Europe and the Caribbean:

With presentations and contributions from Felix Greving (Hospital San Francisco, Bonaire), Merlijn van Vliet (Eflight), Geraldine Ras (Department of Foreign Affairs of Aruba) and Joanne Christiaans (Dutch Caribbean Cooperation of Airports), and Jurjen de Jong (NRG2fly/EFC). Concluding with a panel discussion featuring questions from the audience.

17:00 closing with afterwards drinks & bites