April 11th 2023

Recap of the V2X Symposium on March 28th in pictures

On March 28th, we started the Global EV Charging Test – V2X edition with an exciting symposium. EV and charging experts as well as policy makers from all over the world gathered in Arnhem to discuss the next steps on our way to bi-directional or vehicle-to-grid charing.

During the three days of the entire event, we have met hundreds of enthusiastic developers, innovators, programmers and other pioneers at the symposium and at the following OCPP Plugfest.

We will try to share as much as possible and we start off with the live stream video of the symposium.

Ben Wender (CEC)
Matthijs Kok (Utrecht City)
Ben Wender (California Energy Commission), Lonneke Driessen (Open Charge Alliance) and Matthijs Kok (City of Utrecht) discuss policy, open protocols and next steps.
Robert Italiaander and Robin Berg demonstrating how a car battery can power a water heater on stage.
Thijs van Wijk (ElaadNL)
Robin Berg (We Drive Solar)
Thomas Neuman (AVERE)
Diego Manuel Cebreros (Stellantis)
Tomoko Blech (Chademo Association)
Christiaan Pielkenrood (Hyundai)
Frank Buve (OCA)