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Electric Mobility Without Frontiers

The project Electric Mobility Without Frontiers (EMWF) aims to tackle the challenges laid out ahead. By providing a flexible and interoperable system to collect, bundle and distribute relevant information, the EMWF consortium will develop, implement and demonstrate a future proof system for smart city integration


In order to achieve a sustainable mobility future, it is imperative to improve the availability of information to drivers, making it accurate, useful and available in real time. But it’s not just EV drivers who profit from access to data of charge station usage. Other stakeholders like grid operators, energy retailers and municipalities are just a few examples of entities which can benefit from detailed information of EV charging and parking, energy usage at charging stations and a good measure of the traffic situation at any given time.


Borderless connectivity
The EMWF project aims to deliver a wide variety of results centred on the acquisition, transmission and distribution of charge date of electric vehicles. At the core of the project lies the implementation of pilot sites in all participating countries: Finland, Germany, The Netherlands and Spain. At these sites, charging poles will be upgraded with camera-based sensor technology to provide accurate data on the availability of charging opportunities, independent of the chargers plug status.

The information from the charging poles and sensors are transmitted to a data platform which enables third parties access to the data, based on commercial agreements between market players. From here, the data is accessible e.g. by navigation service providers, to display on smart phones and navigation systems as well as add their own additional services, like occupation prediction at the users time of arrival. By basing the system on open protocols and a market efficient approach, EMWF aims to create a precinct for smart city architecture.


In addition to the practical implementation of the system described above, the EMWF project will conduct research in various fields surrounding the charging of electric vehicles. These include but are not limited to:

  • The analysis of usage frequency and intensity of charging infrastructure to provide valuable information for grid operators and charge point operators
  • Including regular parking spots in navigation software to allow users to plan their trip through the city efficiently
  • Integrating existing park guidance systems for a wholesome parking and charging information system
  • Providing information for municipalities about parking space usage in their traffic systems, as well as identifying cases of EV-Parking misuse
  • Simulating the impact of implementing the system described above into an agent-based model

Charging Forward
By enabling EV-Drivers access to high quality charging information, EMWF aims to improve the customer experience. At the same time, by guiding users to charging spots efficiently, the system is designed to reduce traffic in congested cities and allow more cars to operate per charger within a given city.
Grid operators will be given valuable information about the usage of charge poles within their area, both in the planning phase and in operative usage. This will allow the strained grids to be planned and even managed more readily, as integrating smart charging is taken into consideration for the entire project.
City administrators and planners can use the results to create fully integrated concepts for electric mobility in their municipalities, or apply them to an existing concept, optimizing the usage of key resources in the creation of smart city traffic systems: Roads, chargers and parking spaces.
The open market approach championed by the EMWF consortium allows other market players to bud in and offer new services and ideas as the vision of smart cities manifests into a European reality.

• Improving usability of charging infrastructure for EV Drivers by improving data quality
• Providing services for additional Stakeholder in the E-Mobility market


The duration of the project EMWF is 30 months (from March 2018).


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The project Electric Mobility Without Frontiers is part of the European program Electric Mobiltity Europe.
An other project under the same flag is Orchestrating Smart Charging in mass Deployment (OSCD). Read more about this project.