November 15th 2018

International event for testing communication between electric cars and charging stations kicks off

This morning at 9 A.M. hundreds of experts in the field of electric mobility and charging infrastructure gathered for the kick off of the Global EV Charging Test. Deputy mayor, Jan van Dellen of the city of Arnhem and Ton Rombouts, chairman of ElaadNL, opened the event. For the next two days more than 400 attendees and 180 companies from 28 countries will share their knowledge and test open standards and charge point protocols to optimize the communication between electric vehicles, charging stations and backoffices.


Ton Rombouts at the opening of the Global EV Charging Test: “I’m convinced that when in the future we look back at those days in the autumn leaves in the Netherlands, we’ll say to each other: like others before us, we made history by making charging EV’s as universal and effortless as using Bluetooth or Wifi.”

The Global EV Charging Test is a gathering of several testing programs combined with workshops, presentations, demonstrations and lectures. The central theme will be the optimal communication between electric vehicles and the entire system of the charging infrastructure, het energy grid, back offices and the way these interact. At the event the tests are divided in two standards and protocols: ISO15118 (communication between EV and Charging Station) and the Open Charge Point Protocol, OCPP (communication between charging point and back office).

Several teams ranging from charge station suppliers and operators to new providers of smart charging services to automotive companies will each test the communication.

By using open protocols and standards, communication regarding the charging of cars will become as easy as using Wifi or Bluetooth. Above all, cars can interact with the electricity grid and therefor create extra value by balancing the grid and optimizing the use of sustainable energy. For instance an EV can charge faster when there is plenty solar energy available and a little slower or not at all when there is a high or peak energy demand, using Smart Charging.


The event has started this morning and will proceed until Friday 17:30 a full program is available here.

Speakers at the Elaad Talks (14:00-17:00):

  • Lonneke Driessen, Director Standardization – ElaadNL
  • Amanda Brock, European Representative – Open Invention Network
  • Oleg Logvinov, President and CEO – IoTecha
  • Bjørn Utgard, Director of New Markets – EVBox
  • Roland van der Put, Head of Network Technology – Fastned
  • Yasmine Assef, Electric Vehicle Program Manager – Renault