Charging station inspections

Safe charging stations in public spaces

It is important that electrical equipment in public places is safe. That is why the grid operators set certain requirements for equipment and installations that are connected to the public electricity grid. This applies to, for example, parking meters, public lighting and therefore also charging stations.

Before charging stations can be placed in the public domain, they are therefore inspected. This way everyone can be sure that charging stations meet the safety standard and function optimally. At the bottom of this page you will find the charging stations that are currently approved.

Connection specifications of charging stations

The document ‘Connection specifications for charging objects 3x25A – 3x80A‘ (downloadable at the bottom of this section, also in Dutch) forms the basis on which the inspection service inspects the grid operator’s part of new charging objects models for admission to the electricity grid. The inspection service is coordinated from ElaadNL and the inspection is performed by experts from the collaborating network operators. The requirements have been drawn up in such a way that a safe and reliable connection to the public electricity grid is guaranteed.

The development of these specifications is an important step towards further standardization of the technology in charging objects. The document is mainly intended for producers of these charging objects. The advantage for charge point producers and parties that put charge points on the market is that the grid manager part of a charge point only needs to be inspected once and can then be used throughout the Netherlands in all service areas of the different grid managers.

An important condition is that a smart meter is placed in the charging objects. This smart meter makes it possible to read and exchange measurement data remotely. To substantiate this connectivity, we request that a connectivity test be performed in the current Connection Specifications, in which a maximum damping has been set for the housing. The connection specifications are also suitable for heavier connections, up to 3x80A. This forms the basis for faster charging, which is in line with the trend of new electric cars entering the market. The publications are more widely applicable than just charging stations. They are also suitable for other charging objects such as charging lanterns.

Charging objects that have not yet been approved have been inspected since 2018 on the basis of the Connection Specifications. From April 1, 2023, all new charging objects to be installed must at least comply with the updated Connection Specifications, version 3.0. The smart meter connectivity test protocol is available at the bottom of this page.