Charging station inspections

Safe charging stations in public spaces

It is important that electrical equipment in public places is safe. That is why the grid operators set certain requirements for equipment and installations that are connected to the public electricity grid. This applies to, for example, parking meters, public lighting and therefore also charging stations.

Before charging stations can be placed in the public domain, they are therefore inspected. This way everyone can be sure that charging stations meet the safety standard and function optimally. At the bottom of this page you will find the charging stations that are currently approved.

The role of Elaad in charging station inspections

ElaadNL facilitates the inspection of charging stations. A clear process has been developed for this, so that every inspection takes place in the same way. The manufacturer approval process consists of five simple steps:

  1. Make an appointment for an introduction to ElaadNL. This can be done by calling 026-3120223 or by emailing During the introduction we explain the process, we go through the most important points and possible questions are answered.
  2. Share the connectivity report. If this is in order, we let the inspection process continue.
  3. Share the specifications, an installation manual and other documentation with ElaadNL. Download the document ‘Checklist Documentation for Inspection Request‘ below for an overview of the requested documentation.
  4. If the supplied documentation is complete, we will schedule an inspection date where you, as the manufacturer, will be present together with the network operators and ElaadNL.
  5. On the inspection day, you take the charging station to ElaadNL. A physical check is then carried out to see whether the network operator part of the charging station meets the requirements of the network operators. These requirements are described in the ‘Connection specifications for charging objects 3x25A – 3x80A‘. The connection specifications can also be downloaded below.
  6. Afterwards, we discuss the results and check the supplied documentation. When all this is in order, you will receive a certificate for approval with which the charging station is demonstrably approved for connection to the electricity grid. In the event of a rejection, we discuss the feedback and plan a re-examination.
  • Upon approval, you will receive a certificate with which the charging station is demonstrably approved for connection to the electricity grid.
  • In case of rejection, we discuss the points for improvement. Based on the nature of the points, we plan a new inspection moment or we agree that necessary changes will be made transparent.

If this process has been successfully completed, the charging station will be added to the list of approved charging stations and may be connected in public spaces throughout the Netherlands! We also cordially invite manufacturers to add a copy of the approved charging station to the ElaadNL Testplein. For example, we can include these in interoperability and Smart Charging tests with electric vehicles.

Request additional information about the connectivity tests from me. An overview of (previously) approved charging objects can be found below.

Charging lamp posts

Charging stations and lamp posts both require a connection to the energy grid, but they also both have their own specific properties. As a result, there are clear differences between these objects. When integrating both into charging lamp posts, there are a number of points to consider. Based on practical examples from previous pilots and future developments, the charging lamp posts information sheet discusses the differences and offers important points for attention when realizing charging lamp posts.