Charging Station Inspections

Safe Charging Stations in Public Spaces

It is crucial that electrical equipment in public spaces is safe. Therefore, grid operators impose specific requirements on devices and installations connected to the public electricity grid. This applies to items such as parking meters, public lighting, and, consequently, charging stations.

Before charging stations can be installed in the public domain, they undergo inspections. This ensures that everyone can be certain that charging stations meet safety standards and function optimally. At the bottom of this page, you will find the charging stations that are currently approved.

Approved Charging Stations

Below are the public charging stations with an integrated grid connection approved by the grid operators. These charging stations can be safely and reliably connected in public spaces to the electricity grid throughout the Netherlands. To obtain approval, we follow a standardized process for grid operator inspections.

Note: The grid operator inspection is solely intended to ensure a safe and reliable connection to the public electricity grid. A charging solution without an integrated grid connection cannot be inspected according to the grid operator’s approval process.

Approved Charging Stations v3.0

The table below provides an overview of the charging stations that are currently approved in accordance with Connection Requirements v3.0. These charging stations have successfully passed the grid operator inspection.

SupplierProductManualGrid connectionComments
Alfen ICUTwin 4XLManual

3x25A to 3x35A

Alfen ICUTwin 5Manual

3x25A to 3x35A

Twin 5 main switch between fuses, install according instructions
Alfen ICUTwin 5 *with raiserManual

3x25A to 3x35A

Twin 5 with main switch positioned above meterboard and with raiser, install according to “Werkinstructie Raiser.pdf”.
DIC Laadsystemen





Duo Wide


3x25A to 3x80A


eNovates TRC



Eunice Wind SA



3x25A to 3x63A


AC E Series – PDSPE


3x25A to 3x63A

We Drive Solar

We Drive Solar 1.1


3x25A t/m 3x63A


Gerben Spies

Contact person for DSO assessments

Request additional information about the DSO assessments for charging stations from me. The connection specifications for integrated charging objects can be found below.

Connection requirements for charging stations

The document ‘Connection Requirements for 3x25A – 3x80A‘ (available for download at the bottom of this paragraph, also in English) forms the basis for the inspection service to assess the grid operator’s part of new models of charging objects for admission to the electricity grid. The inspection service is coordinated by ElaadNL, and the inspection is carried out by experts from collaborating grid operators. The requirements are formulated in such a way that a safe and reliable connection to the public electricity grid is guaranteed.

The development of these specifications is an important step towards further standardization of technology in charging objects. The document is primarily intended for producers of these charging objects. The advantage for charging object producers and parties introducing charging objects to the market is that the grid operator’s part of a charging object only needs to be inspected once and can then be used throughout the Netherlands in all service areas of the various grid operators.

An important condition is that a smart meter is installed in the charging objects. This smart meter enables remote reading and exchange of meter data. To support this connectivity, we request a connectivity test in the current Connection Requirements, with a maximum attenuation specified for the enclosure. The Connection Requirements are also suitable for heavier connections, up to 3x80A. This forms the basis for faster charging, aligning with the trend of new electric cars entering the market. The publications have a broader applicability than just charging stations; they are also suitable for other charging objects such as charging lanterns.

Since 2018, not yet approved charging objects have been inspected based on the Connection Requirements. From April 1, 2023, all newly installed charging objects must comply with the updated Connection Requirements, version 3.0, at a minimum. The test protocol for the connectivity of the smart meter is available at the bottom of this page.

The role of Elaad in charging station inspections

ElaadNL facilitates the inspection of charging stations. For this purpose, a clear process has been developed to ensure that each inspection follows the same procedure. The inspection process for manufacturers consists of five simple steps:

  1. Schedule an Introduction Meeting at ElaadNL:
    Make an appointment for an introduction meeting at ElaadNL. Sign up above for this meeting. During the introduction, we explain the process, go through key points, and address any potential questions.
  1. Share specifications, an installation guide, and other documentation with ElaadNL. Download the document ‘Checklist Documentation for Inspection Request’ below for an overview of the required documentation.
  2. Schedule Inspection Date:
    Once the provided documentation is complete, we schedule an inspection date where you, as the manufacturer, are present along with the grid operators and ElaadNL.
  1. Physical Inspection on Inspection Day:
    On the inspection day, you bring the charging station to ElaadNL. A physical check is then conducted to verify if the grid operator’s part of the charging station meets the requirements set by the grid operators. These requirements are described in the ‘Connection Requirements for 3x25A – 3x80A,’ which can also be downloaded below.
    Afterward, we discuss the results and check the provided documentation. If everything is in order, you receive a certification for approval, demonstrating that the charging station has been officially approved for connection to the electricity grid. In the case of disapproval, we discuss the feedback and plan a re-inspection.
  1. Upon approval, you receive a certificate, providing evidence that the charging station has been approved for connection to the electricity grid. In the case of disapproval, improvement points are discussed. Based on the nature of the points, a new inspection date is scheduled, or it is agreed that necessary changes will be made transparent.

If this process is successfully completed, the charging station is added to the list of approved charging stations and can be connected in public spaces throughout the Netherlands! We also warmly invite manufacturers to add a copy of the approved charging station to the ElaadNL Test Square. This allows us to include it in interoperability and Smart Charging tests with electric vehicles.

Charging Light Poles

Charging stations and light poles both require a connection to the energy grid, but they each have their own specific characteristics. As a result, there are clear differences between these objects. When integrating both into charging light poles, there are several points to consider. Based on practical examples from previous pilots and future developments, the information sheet on Charging Light Poles addresses the differences and provides key considerations for the implementation of charging light poles.

Netbeheerderskeuringen bij ElaadNL

Inspections of Unmanned Objects

Do you want to register your object with an integrated grid connection for the grid operator inspection? Then visit our page about grid operator inspections.

Inspections of Unmanned Objects

Register for charging station inspection

Type laadobject(Required)
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Approved charging stations v2.1

The table below provides an overview of the charging stations that are currently approved in accordance with Connection Specifications v2.1. These charging stations comply with the old set of connection specifications. Since July 1, 2023, newly installed charging objects must comply with v3.o. See the list of approved objects at the top of the page.

SupplierProductManualGrid connectionComments
eNovateseNovates TRCHandleiding3x25A v2.1
EcotapDuo WideHandleiding3x25A t/m 3x80A
We Drive SolarWe Drive Solar 1.1Handleiding3x25A t/m 3x63A


Alfen ICUTwin 4XLHandleiding3x25A – 3x35A
eNovatesMRAe-5Handleiding3x25AGoedkeuring tot 1-10-2023